OUTREACH YOUTH WORK – FINDERS Pyhtää-Kotka-Hamina-Virolahti-Miehikkälä


Primary function of outreach youth work is to help in any needed way 13-28 year old young people. However our services is emphasizing to the young people over 16 years old. Main targets are the young without a place to study or unemployed who needs support to reach the services they need. Outreach youth work provides early support if young person wants to except it.




         Individual service guidance with youth work methods, since 1.5.2008

         For 13 to 28-year-old, who need information about different school options, help with official agency transactions, money matters, courses, housing, or almost any life-related issues.

         Work is based on the mobile youth work, which includes our participant in office meetings and help with other matters.

         To be our client young doesn´t need referrals, promissory notes or any other similar status, only contact is enough, and we look forward from there.

         Finders work in south-east corner in the municipalities, Kotka, Hamina, Pyhtää, Virolahti and Miehikkälä area.

         In september 2012 started the fourth outreach youthworker. Since 1.1.2013 all four workers have permanent positions.


Outreach youth work, Finders is functioning under the direction of Etelä-Kymenlaakso vocational College and Youth workshop Rannikkopajat from which Pyhtää, Kotka, Hamina, Virolahti and Miehikkälä municipalities have commissioned Outreach youth work services.


Youth Act (693/2010 and HE 1/2010 vp):


  • The purpose of outreach youth services is to reach a young person in need of support and help him or her to find services that will promote his or her growth and independence and his or her access to education and to the labour market. Outreach youth work is primarily based on information provided by the young person and on his or her own estimate of the need for support
  • In arranging outreach youth work, the local authority shall designate a local post-holder or a person employed by the local authority as the official responsible for implementing outreach youth work. The outreach youth worker must have necessary education and experience of working with young people. Outreach youth work may be provided by one local authority or by several local authorities in collaboration. The local authority may also arrange outreach youth work by commissioning services from an organization providing youth services, in which case the local authority shall be responsible for the compliance of these services with this Act.
  • The supply of information for outreach youth work shall be conditional on the consent of the young person concerned, unless otherwise provided in this Act or elsewhere.
  • Notwithstanding statutes on the confidentiality data, identification and contact information on a young person shall be delivered to the local authority of his or her home municipality as follows:
    • an education provider must deliver information about a school-leaver who has not sought or gained entry to post-compulsory education;
    • an education provider must deliver information about a person under 25 years of age who discontinues studies in vocational or general upper secondary education;
    • the Defence Forces and the Non-military Service Training Centre must deliver information about under 25 years of age who has exemption from military or non-military service owing to non-fitness for service or who discontinues the service.